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How to play Wiikli®

  • Thank you for joining Wiikli™ and contribute to [ORGANIZATION] by participating in the weekly quiz competition.
  • You can play WiikliTM every Thursday at 6.30 pm, 7.00 pm and 7.30 pm. You choose your preferred time(s)
  • You can choose a specific time in the system and be alerted ahead of time via SMS/text.
  • Every Quiz has 3 rounds with 3 questions/pictures. All players are participating for the entire length of the quiz. Every round is played live against 8 other random participants. You receive a score of points for each correct answer and the time used.
  • Round 1: No 1 and 2 from each table will proceed to a “purple” table. Round 2: No 1 and 2 from each “purple” table will go to the Money-final.
  • Remaining players in Round 1 will go to the “pink” table. Round 2: No 1 from each table will also proceed to the Purple Table and go to the Money-final.
  • Remaining players will go to the Point-final, where you play for points, honour and fame.
  • The Quiz cost €5, where €1 will go directly to the organisation in your heart. You can easily pay with your mobile and the tournament takes approximately 12 minutes.

The Quizzes are for everybody

Our professional team and Christian look forward to delivering top content to Wiikli.

Author of several quiz books and question producers for most Norwegian TV quiz shows over the last 20 years, Christian Haugen-Flermoe, creates many of the tasks in Wiikli. Together with the rest of the team, our Quizmaster makes good, interesting and fun tasks for most people.

Each question is accompanied by a picture, sometimes as an illustration of the task, other times directly related to it. The images are unveiled with different patterns.

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  • Did you make it to the Money-Final? Congratulations, then you will play with 8 of the best players in the Quiz.
  • The winning pool are divided to the top 3 players on each Money-final table. The best player receives the highest winning.
  • The winnings can be withdrawn or be used to purchase new tickets.

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